A Collection of Works

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, co-written by award-winning author David Gallaher, you're an Elite US Special Operations soldier, fighting to survive against a team who has turned against you.


Only Living Girl: Volume 3

Award-winning creators David Gallaher and Steve Ellis continue their epic sci-fi adventure series with action, adventure, and heart. Zee, the Only Living Girl, along with Erik, the Only Living Boy (and his teddy Bear) and their crew of daring young warriors from various alien races continue to discover the secrets of the Patchwork Planet in a desperate mission to save their home. Their friend Morgan’s very survival depends on it – and her time is running out! Now, Zee must confront the diabolical Doctor Twice and his mechanical menace, the Eye of Extermination, before she can rescue her friend. But what is her true relationship to the twisted Doctor Twice?


Only Living Girl: Volume 2

Harvey Award-winning graphic novel stars David Gallaher and Steve Ellis return with their mysterious world full of super science… and ancient secrets, in the second follow-up graphic novel to THE ONLY LIVING BOY series. When members of her city are poisoned by an unknown element, Zandra Parfitt, known as “Zee,” discovers there's only one place to find help: Dianoia, the deadly catacombs under an invisible city. But when Zee, and her friends, Erik Farrell, the Only Living Boy, and Morgan the Mermidonian warrior, embark on their quest, they quickly realize that their lives are also at risk. And if their adventure doesn’t destroy them… the Consortium and the diabolical Doctor Twice are lurking in the wings to finish the job.


Only Living Girl: Volume 1

Zandra 'Zee' Parfitt is one of the last human survivors of a cosmic disaster that merged hundreds of planets into the mysterious patchwork wasteland of Chimerika. After learning that the experiments of her late father, the diabolical Doctor Once, created this world, Zee and her companions -- classmate Erik Farrell and mermaid warrior Morgan -- embark on a dangerous quest filled with robots, monsters, unknown civilizations, and unlikely allies. Together they push back against the relentless Consortium, who want control of this new world at any cost. Through it all, Zee searches for the truth of her past so she can redeem her father's legacy.


Convergence: Green Lantern Corps 1

Say the Oath, save the world! If only being in the Green Lantern Corps was that easy. Hal has resigned, John is busy, and Guy is pissed. Together for the first time, they’ll save Gotham City or die trying!


Convergence: Green Lantern Corps 2

The Green Lantern Corps is revived when Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner power up and race to take on Hercules Unbound and Anti God from the Great Disaster!


Yours Truly Johnny Dollar

When a fire stalls a swank production of MacBeth, our man with the "action-packed expense account", insurance investigator Johnny Dollar, is called in. On the scene he meets a gaggle of thespians, who all have their reason to see the production fold. But the felonies start to stack up, as arson is followed by murder! Can JD see this through to the final curtain without having his own murder listed in this famous ledger?



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