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My grandfather was charming, confident, and sure of himself. “Live a life worth writing about,” he’d often tell me. If I hadn’t followed his advice at a young age, my life would have very dull. I spent my formative years on drab army bases, without television and much to do. I found myself bored senseless, dreaming of better days.

When we eventually got a television, I was enthralled. I found myself daydreaming about episodes of television that only existed in my head. “What if the Superfriends met Scooby Doo?” I’d ask myself. At that age, I resolved to give my imagination free-rein, the end result became a career writing comics and video games.

Making comics for Marvel lead to working as an embedded writer for the NYPD, an award-winning career at DC Comics, adapting stories for Tarsem Singh’s epic film IMMORTALS, coordinating the US adaptations of ATTACK ON TITAN and SAILOR MOON, and writing the newest video game in the Tom Clancy GHOST RECON franchise.

I feel all of those experience prepared me for a career in television.  Television prepares us for life. It gives us the stories, the strength, and the lessons we need to survive in the world.

I’m driven by big stories that inspire others to “live a life worth writing about.” Epic romances, menacing threats, dastardly defeats — it’s the jet-fuel that powers the world’s greatest stories.

There’s a whole wide world of exploration waiting just outside one’s window… and hundreds of new worlds just waiting to be written about! Television is a window into those worlds. I’m excited to open it. 



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